Senior caregiver at Northridge Pines Assisted Living in Calumet, MI.
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Senior Living in Calumet, MI

For families of an aging senior, the decision to place their loved one in a senior living facility comes with a great deal of comparisons and should bring positive, life benefitting results for both the senior and their family. Here at Northridge Pines Senior Living we strive to make the decision making process as pain-free and comfortable as possible, because when it comes to the care of your loved one, we know that both their health and general well-being are your biggest concern.

When searching for senior living in Calumet, MI, look no further than Northridge Pines Senior Living. At Northridge Pines Senior Living we provide you or your loved one with as much independence and privacy as they want, while still remaining present and available for their personal assistance and health care needs. The Northridge Pines Senior Living community has nurses and resident assistants on duty 24 hours a day to provide health care and personal assistance with such things as bathing, dressing and medication administration, all provided in a homelike environment.

At Northridge Pines Senior Living community in Calumet we strive to make our residents time here both memorable and comfortable. We provide an array activities and encourage our residents to create their own fun and entertainment as well.

Schedule a tour today and you'll see for yourself way choosing Northridge Pines Senior Living in Calumet for yourself or you loved one will be worry free and comforting.

Residents give testimonies about Northridge Pines Assisted Living"Since Mom moved in we have been totally at peace. We don't worry about her and she is having a great time at Northridge Pines. She really enjoys having so many people to talk to everyday!"